Thursday, February 5, 2009

Afternoon Dream

Ok, here we go. This is what I've been busy with. When I started my blog, I was planning to share only my watercolors with you, however I'm thinking why not! those of you who have been to my website, know that I have several styles and work pretty much with any mediums out there. 
Here is my new Acrylic painting on canvas. So, what do you think?


Tracy said...

i think this piece is absolutly beautiful. your use of color is amazing. i never liked acrylic paints.. i felt the colors were never as bright as oils but your use of them gives those colors life.

Heather said...

wow, this is so beautiful! Love the colors here, so rich!~

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Aaah! She is beautiful Sara! She looks so carefree and relaxed. I love your use of colors and shadows. So breathtaking! Love it!

k said...

Gorgeous!!! Do you know of any great art workshops or fests to attend for someone new to venturing into her creative side??
Any input would be appreciated! Thx!!